Digital evaluation in the enforcement.
For the protection of people and the environment.

DiEva: A top digitalization project for implementing complex material-specific sets of rules in the administration

DiEva offers the market surveillance an intelligent and interactive communication platform for asking companies about their compliance with statutory requirements and evaluating the responses with respect to their legal conformity. DiEva is currently able to map environment- and OHAS-related sets of rules like the REACH Regulation or POP Regulation. The list of rules and regulations is freely expandable, however.

Softwarebox DiEva

What are the advantages of using DiEva for the enforcement authorities?

  • They gain a fast overview of the regulation-specific implementation status in the companies

  • They can query and evaluate product-specific information

  • Documents such as test reports, certificates, etc. are easily administrable and integrable in the evaluation process with legal certainty

How can companies benefit from DiEva?

  • Reply promptly to enforcement questions. The platform supports and unburdens you in the response process.

  • Recognize and eliminate possible implementation deficits early on, and avoid liability this way!

Interested? Find out all the details about DiEva here:

The DiEva project is a “top digitalization project” in the Saarland’s innovation and digitalization strategy

Top digitalization projects within the meaning of the Saarland government’s digitalization strategy are projects that develop a true innovation, pursue clearly defined objectives, and deliver visible results in an agile process and a clearly defined timeframe. To be included in this category, projects need to have an impact that caters to the vision and guidelines of the Saarland’s digitalization strategy and expected value-creation potential. This helps top digitalization projects become beacons that radiate far beyond the Saarland’s borders.

DiEva meets the criteria for a top digitalization project with its innovative character and uniqueness across the nation. The benefit in the implementation of the complex subject areas of the REACH and POP Regulation is extensive. The enforcement effort for administrations and companies is rendered markedly more efficient and thus also cost-efficient. Top digitalization projects are developed in cooperation with the Saarland’s regional government for introduction to the economy, science and society.